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Who is Sherlee Skai?

World music singer-songwriter Sherlee Skai brings a unique sound shaped by multicultural influences from Haitian folklore to American jazz and soul. She sings from the heart combining music, activism, and history.


Sherlee has graced stages such as Harlem Week and Lincoln Center with her polished, incandescent jazz vocals. She released her first album, "TOUTOUNI" –bare– in 2018 and is working on her second album, which she will release this year.  


A fierce activist, Sherlee Skai uses her music and voice as a tool to bring awareness about social injustice, notably U.S. immigration policies. Witnessing the mistreatment of Haitian migrants and others, she has made it her duty to advocate for more humane and equitable immigrant treatment. 

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Sherlee Skai Onstage

Sherlee Skai Onstage



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